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​Custom Wood Kitchen

Jaqueline Bermudez


Our team of professional architects and designers works with you to create a beautiful and stylish project, taylor-made to your space requirements and budget. With complete detail, we manufacture every aspect of your project from selecting the best quality materials to advising and working with you  or your contractor, without missing any minimal detail. And always taking into consideration the maintainance of our equipment and the comfort of our employees.




What We Do

The difference between a great product and one of lasser value is matter of commitment.  Since our gran opening in 1986 , our team has made a lifetime commitment to the manufacturing of quality products.  We take pride not only in the elaboration of our fine products, but also in the services we render.

Our success has been and continues to be excellence in service and quality manufacturing.

 As a result. ALL POINTS DESIGN CORP. Manufactured Kitchens are enjoyed at residential as well commercial facilities state wide.  Our products are stylish, beautiful and stand up to the rigors of daily use.


​​Leyanet Gonzalez